CoFounder: Recruitment/Community Development

If he’s not in a cat hole meditating, then he’s likely thinking of his next entrepreneurial adventure. As co-founder of the Cyberia camp, he’s like Moses, gathering the multitudes to bring them to the Promised Land.


CoFounder: Logistics/Member Support

She is a magical princess sent to earth to protect the Cyberians from dust and rain storms. She manages all things Cyberia and serves to answer your questions. She absolutely loves it when you have actually done your required reading to attend Burning Man – that’ll get you extra magic princess dust!


CoFounder: Architect/Infrastructure

Although his work takes him to distant lands, this modern day Indiana Jones calls one place home – BRC! On the playa, he is the master architect and planner of Cyberia, assembling buildings in the dark despite missing parts and mismatched PVC connectors. Omnia vincit Duct Tape!

Mutant Vehicle Crew

Polaris, the Cyberian Art Car was an idea birthed on the playa in 2015. From initial talks stemmed a team, and a variety of designs. The MVC works year round to build, plan, and ensure Polaris can be shared with all on playa.

Polarian Community Curation Team

The Polarian Community Curation Committee is a community initiative led by VR and assisted by a few Polarian volunteers to provide general oversight over all incoming virgins and Polarian newbies. They are here to answer your questions, and help you prepare.

Meet Our Instructors


Esinem & Nina

Sensual. Erotic. Shibari. Esinem and Nina hail from London and bring their expertise to the playa through their classes and performances.


Alex & Alexandria

Santa Monica based yoga instructors will carefully guide the movement of your body in ways that can heal and enhance.



Move your hips to the beat of Russia’s finest belly dancing instructor.



After spending months abroad meditating in the mountains Jhana returned to the USA apt to share his experience with others through silence and stillness.


Mona & David

Mona, a sound healer, yoga instructor, and reiki master and David, a spoken word artist and yoga instructor bring delightful sounds and healing touch to your yoga and listening experiences.

Pony Hunter

After having his health entirely restored thanks to the ancient Indian medical system Ayurveda, the Pony Hunter became obsessed with this old practice and decided to become a practitioner. He hosts classes and consultations on the playa.

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