RV Rentals

For RV questions email us at cyberia.polaris@gmail.com. For 2021 there are significant changes, and uncertainties therefore the information below is subject to change for a limited 2021 Burning Man event.


In 2015 members of Polaris were scammed out of thousands of dollars from a local RV rental service that ended up being a scam. Police were called, money was never retrieved, and the scammers were never prosecuted because they operated out of Florida and Nevada police could do little. As a camp, we were deeply upset by this and aimed to help prevent this for the entire BMorg community.

At the 2016 Burning Man symposium one of our co-founders informed the Burning Man organization of this scam and immediately the BMorg changed how Theme Camps applied, further protecting others. Our co-founder was thanked by a member of the BMorg team and follow up to the scam ensued.

Polaris took it a step further to partner with a BMorg approved vendor to streamline and protect its Campers from future scams – it’s the only reason why we offer RVs in this way.

While some burners abhor RVs, we know that not all bodies can endure the elements without them. We respect and welcome these differences.

We hope you, who join us and rent an RV as a Polarian camp member practice self sufficiency, and will do your part to uphold the 10 Principles of Burning Man.


Rv trailers are fully stocked with bedding, linens, towels, cooking set, paperware, red cups, plastic ware, paper towels, extra large yard garbage bags, toilet paper, air conditioning, shower, and refrigerator. At the end of the event your trailer will be picked up from the playa and you will not need to be present. All RVs will be connected on a grid system, which will eliminate the noisiness of loud generators, and provide steady electricity!


RV Fees range from about $4,500 to over $15,000. In addition to this rental fee, we ask for all RV renters to send an additional donation of $1,000-$1,500 to cover the costs of payment for the energy and fuel required to support your RV during the burn. For 2020 a portion of your donation also goes directly into acquiring improved sound equipment, new seating, and the shipment of our lighting into Northern Nevada. Thank you.


To secure your RV, please email us at cyberia.polaris@gmail.com.

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