Refunds – 2020

Hello Polarians!

We hope that you are all keeping safe in this difficult time. We know that the impacts of this pandemic are affecting everyone in different ways. We wanted to reach out to provide you with clarity on where we stand.

Just 50 minutes ago (and from March 18 (see (a)), the BMORG released on its Facebook page that it is fully proceeding with Burning Man 2020, albeit with caution. Thus, we wanted to reach out to let you know that we are fully prepared to burn. However, if things change in the coming months, then we will be ready for Burning Man 2021.

While camp planning continues, we have paused major purchases while we wait and see. And we want to reassure you that if Burning Man is cancelled this year, we are fully prepared to refund your camp cost share.

Let’s keep hope alive, and keep loving and caring for each other.

With love and light,

Team Polaris


If you are interested in joining together for a “Cyber-party” please click that link (see (b) below) and let us know. We’ll invite you to an all-Cyberia/Polaris event in which we can check in on each other and enjoy good times and good laughs during this hibernation. You can enjoy your favorite wine, charcuterie board, beer, or anything else in between! Let’s see how we’re all doing!


Burning Man is fully exploring the how to refund tickets even though their policy is NOT to refund tickets (more details in the post from about 6 minutes ago below, see (c)).

Links from this post:

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C. Latest Burning Man News regarding refunds for ticket purchases:

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