Join Polaris

We are 100% full. Applications are CLOSED for Burning Man 2022.

Joining Polaris is based on an invite-only process. You will be invited to join based upon your preparedness and commitment to the principles of Burning Man.

Everyone who joins our camp is known as a Polarian. We are committed to the 10 Principles of Burning Man and expect that you are too. We make no guarantees for your comfort, like many other amazing camps out there. Know what you are getting into. Study. Read the survival guide.

2022 will be our 9th year to the playa. We are committed to fusing art and technology. Our motto is love and care for each other.

MOOP Commitment

Burners are asked to “LEAVE NO TRACE”. And we ask you to do the same. This means no one-time purchases for the burn and trashing them – try to recycle – donate – avoid the temptation to throw things into the landfill more than we have to. Additionally, No open snacks or cans left behind. No outfits spilling sequins or feathers, no cigarette butts tossed to the earth! It is the duty of ALL burners to leave no trace! In order to come to Burning Man year after year, you must be committed to picking up after yourself, and leaving excess trash items (packaging, wrappers) at home. Watch this video on MOOP and learn how you can reduce your own Moop!

Packing List

There are numerous resources online telling you what to pack. They are all incredibly helpful! In the past 5 years we’ve compiled our own packing list and feel this is super beneficial! Click here to get packing!

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