2019 Events

Location: 9:45/Jove

Desert Wave by Squidsoup


A new variant of Squidsoup’s WAVE project has been selected for one of this year’s Black Rock City Arts Honoraria. A portion of your camp cost share has gone to support this art installation, which will be viewable all week long on the playa.

Ayurveda Workshop

MON | 8/26 | 11AM–12PM

Join the Pony Hunter and explore Ayurvedic medicine, which evolved in India about 5000 years ago, and is considered to be the world’s oldest healthcare system. Learn tips and tricks!

Shibari Workshop

MON, WED, FRI | 8/26 | 12PM-2PM

Leading UK bondage performers Esinem and Nina make their presence known for their 3rd time at Cyberia for a week of inspiration found only through bondage.

Daily Lounge Listening


Relax and Recharge in our lounge with music fit for the playa.

A Reading of Kafka

TUES | 8/27 | 11AM-12PM

Join the Voluptuous Robot for a reading of Kafka, and then come back for our performance!


Power Vinyasa Flow

TUES | 9:30AM-11AM

Get the blood flowing as you link together breath and movement in this creative vinyasa flow class with Sommer.

Lecutre: Humanity 2.0

TUES | 8/27 | 4PM-5PM

Join our guest speaker in their talk on Humanity: The Next Stage of Human Evolution

Sunset Meditation

TUES & THURS | 8/27 & 8/29

Join Jhana as he leads a Sunset Mediation on our viewing deck, with the vast playa as a backdrop to your experience of stillness.


WED | 8/28 | 9:30-11:00AM

Show your mind and body love and compassion as you explore long holds in passive poses designed to release tension and open ourselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Slow Flow

THURS | 8/29 | 9:30AM-11AM

A kinder, gentler vinyasa flow sequence with Sommer. Movement and breath are integrated to produce a moving meditation practice.

Lecture: Smart Cities

THURS | 8/29 | 4-5PM

Join our guest speaker in the Metamorphosis of the Metropolis.

Shibari Performance

THURS | 8/29 | 9PM-10PM

Esinem and Nina will ignite your erotic side. Come and watch as they suspend beautiful models with artistry and flair.


Meditation Mantra & Yoga Nidra

FRI | 9:30AM-10:30AM

Raise your vibration as we chant together in Sanskrit, then prepare to relax and let go during yoga nidra, also known as “yogic sleep,” with Sommer. A restorative yoga practice that will help you find inner peace and well being.

Kafka: Stage Performance

FRI | 8/30 | 8PM-9PM

A stage performance of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, adapted for the Playa. Performance by Cyberian thespians.


SAT | 8/31 | 11AM-3PM

Also known as: Dance-Twerk-Work Party! Celebrate our second ever Decon Party at Cyberia, for Cyberians. Serving your favorites all day: amazing music and hydration from The Bartender!

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