2022 Events

Location: 9:45 & Glimmer

Polaris Art Car Night Ride


Join us aboard the North Star Art Car for a nightly ride on the playa with great music!


MON & TUE | 8/29-8/30 | 9:30AM-10AM

Come schedule your playa Ayurvedic Consultation with our in-camp Ayurvedic Practitioner. This is a sign-up event only for a 1:30h consultation, spots are limited, first come, first served. Ayurveda is the 5,000-year holistic medical system from India and sister science of Yoga. Come learn how to heal your unique mind-body system from the inside out!

Shibari Workshop

TUES – FRI | 8/30 – 9/2

Join Mistress Dragona for a series of workshops on Shibari:

Tuesday 8/30 11AM-12PM: Introduction to Shibari: Basic Bondage

Join us for an introduction to Shibari! We will cover consent and negotiations, top and bottom safety, and several of the simpler ties! You will leave more comfortable with your partner, yourself, and of course, the rope! This is the first class of a series!

Wednesday 8/31 10:30AM – 11:30AM: Kinbaku vs Shibari Bondage Workshop

Join us for an introduction to Kinbaku! Intermediate ties and plays combining restraint with psychological play and marrying discomfort with pleasure. First-timers are welcome!

Thursday 9/1 10:30AM – 11:30AM: Shibari: Flogger/Cat of Nine Tails Workshop

Make your own rope flogger/cat of nine tails! We will be taking the hanks for the rope we have been using for previous classes and making our very own floggers/cat of nine tails. First-timers are welcome!

Friday 9/2 10:30AM – 11:30AM: Flogging workshop

Come learn the beautiful world of flogging! We will go over types of floggers, strike zones, and basic single-handed flogging, as well as begin to work on 4-point and 6-point Florentine flogging. If you attended the previous classes, please feel free to bring your rope flogger with you. First-timers are welcome!

Yin Yoga for Humans and Replicants

TUES & THURS | 8/30 & 9/1 | 11:30AM-12:30PM

Gentle stretching set to soothing Blade Runner goth lullabies await you at this dustily delightful hour of Yin yoga with your favorite Cosmic Hostess, voluptuousrobot!

Meditation (LSD & Mind of Universe)

MON & THURS | 8/29 & 9/1

Join Jhana as he leads a mediation on our viewing deck, with the vast playa as a backdrop to your experience of stillness.

Daily Lounge Listening


Relax and Recharge in our lounge with music fit for the playa.


SAT | 8/31 | 11AM-3PM

Also known as: Dance-Twerk-Work Party! Celebrate our second ever Decon Party at Polaris, for Polarians. Serving your favorites all day: amazing music and hydration from The Bartender!

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