Will you not marry me?

Being a wife is some heavy shit. I in fact was raised to be a wife, an upper-middle class American Jewish wife, to be precise. Obviously this education proved a massive failure, but impressive and ongoing campaigns on the level of Hannibal’s pachyderm army were employed. Exploring the experience of

Following the Footprints

I have never been lonelier than when I have been with other people. That is one of the worst feelings in worlds both known and unknown. If you are anywhere in or near or approaching that corridor of aching cold, for whatever reason, right now, I got you. I get

Are you alone?

Everyone who has seen 2001 has a story, nay, THE story about the first time they saw 2001. I cannot think of any other film that evokes such a “before and after” mentality, and, if you indeed can, please feel free to share.  I like to know the psychedelic speed

How to NOT drink at Burning Man

Greetings, earthlings! And so we slouch toward Burning Man. Many attendees of the Burn consume all sorts of substances. Speaking as both a seasoned Burner and the lifelong owner of a human vehicle I encourage you to place food and water on the top of that list. One of most

The Re-Emergence of Polaris

“Watch you guys are going to be one of those art cars that will come back and really blow our minds!” -BMorg DMV As many of you remember, 2017 was filled with fundraising and hopeful wishes for Camp Cyberia’s first Art Car/Mutant Vehicle, Polaris. A Stewart and Stevenson, M1078 Military

Cyberia 5.0 2017

This year’s Burning Man really pushed the envelope of leadership and community. In 2017 we said goodbye to Christopher Kellison, husband, father, photographer, Cyberian. His sudden passing affected us in deep and profound ways – our community came together, in their own way, to help support his wife Amy, and

All I Do Is Think About Food…

Ever found yourself uncontrollably shoving chocolate and peanut butter in your face while attending fat camp in the Adirondacks of New York? I have, and let me tell you, that is some serious shit. At the age of 15 I got sent to fat camp. As a child and teenager,

2nd Years Blues for 2nd Year Burners – It's a Real Thing

Greetings, earthlings! Tis your friendly neighborhood voluptuousrobot here. Our time together on the cosmic rollercoaster called Burning Man is fast approaching and I am honored to share my seventh go-round on the Playa with the dusty denizens of the BESTEST camp, Cyberia. This missive comes to only a select group

Cyberia 4.0 2016

It’s remarkable. We had 98 confirmed camp members this year. We were exploding at the seams. in a very good and beautiful way. We are so grateful for the kindness and warm-heartedness of our camp members towards each other. Bonds and friendships and courtships abounding. We were placed at the

Cyberia 3.0 2015

This was a special year, especially for Takoda and Dust Devil. Here many of us are at their wedding in front of the temple (Sept. 3, to be exact). The two held their ceremony in the dust surrounded by a circle of strangers and friends and some colorful naked fairies

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