member stories: Cristina Reuter

Cristina Reuteraka Discogina How many years have you attended Burning Man? 3 years How’d you get your playa name? I had a disco ball necklace thingy that hung a little too low and swung at my privates. What do you do in the default world? Photographer What’s your favorite Polaris

member stories: milena daniels

This week I am excited to introduce another burner from my first burn. It was friends at first sight. Milena Danielsaka Purple HazeMember since 2016 How’d you get your playa name? My husband gave it to me. What do you do in the default world? Hairstylist What’s your favorite Polaris

member stories: kara zamora

This week I am excited to introduce a familiar face during my first burn. She’s also one of the coolest people I know. Kara Zamoraaka KaraMember since 2016 How’d you get your playa name? I’m very similar in both default/playa worlds. What do you do in the default world? Work

member stories: stephanie sack

This week we’re excited to introduce not only one of the most beloved members of our camp, but our former chef, DJ, and lover of horror films. Stephanie Sackaka voluptuousrobot2015 – present How’d you get your playa name? French sex cults, UFOs, and voluptuous female robots were involved. What do

How to NOT drink at Burning Man

Greetings, earthlings! And so we slouch toward Burning Man. Many attendees of the Burn consume all sorts of substances. Speaking as both a seasoned Burner and the lifelong owner of a human vehicle I encourage you to place food and water on the top of that list. One of most

The Re-Emergence of Polaris

“Watch you guys are going to be one of those art cars that will come back and really blow our minds!” -BMorg DMV As many of you remember, 2017 was filled with fundraising and hopeful wishes for Camp Cyberia’s first Art Car/Mutant Vehicle, Polaris. A Stewart and Stevenson, M1078 Military

Cyberia 5.0 2017

This year’s Burning Man really pushed the envelope of leadership and community. In 2017 we said goodbye to Christopher Kellison, husband, father, photographer, Cyberian. His sudden passing affected us in deep and profound ways – our community came together, in their own way, to help support his wife Amy, and

All I Do Is Think About Food…

Ever found yourself uncontrollably shoving chocolate and peanut butter in your face while attending fat camp in the Adirondacks of New York? I have, and let me tell you, that is some serious shit. At the age of 15 I got sent to fat camp. As a child and teenager,

2nd Years Blues for 2nd Year Burners – It's a Real Thing

Greetings, earthlings! Tis your friendly neighborhood voluptuousrobot here. Our time together on the cosmic rollercoaster called Burning Man is fast approaching and I am honored to share my seventh go-round on the Playa with the dusty denizens of the BESTEST camp, Cyberia. This missive comes to only a select group

Cyberia 4.0 2016

It’s remarkable. We had 98 confirmed camp members this year. We were exploding at the seams. in a very good and beautiful way. We are so grateful for the kindness and warm-heartedness of our camp members towards each other. Bonds and friendships and courtships abounding. We were placed at the

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