member stories: Lauren Esposito

Lauren Esposito
aka Nuts and Bolts

Where do you currently live?

Brooklyn, NY

How many years have you attended Burning Man?

3 years

How’d you get your playa name?

It’s was my 3rd burn, mid week, around 3am when Pony Hunter had a moment of revelation and gifted my playa name mid dance. I have camped with Polaris for all 3 years and supported the team in build week pre burn. For 3 years I battled with my nemesis, the 30 foot dome, year after year with assembly. Each year brought challenges as we, in true Burning Man Fashion, always were short the appropriate nuts and bolts to get the job done right and well. I can’t wait until our next burn, where I can truly live out my playa namesake and revolutionize build.

What do you do in the default world?

Corporate Marketing in Tech

What’s your favorite Polaris memory?

I always enjoy when Sapheria lets her hair down. She works tireless on and off playa keeping this shit afloat. It’s truly a wonderful experience when all of the responsibility fades away and her humor and uniqueness shine!

What piece of advice would you give to a new member of the camp?

Read the principals and don’t expect camp to do everything for you. If you don’t agree with the principals or expect camp to provide the perfect “travel” experience for you. Don’t come. If you truly own your experience and join the community with no expectations the gift of the playa will come in abundance.

If you were a type of bread which would you be and why?

Banana Nut Bread because I’m a little sweet and a little nutty.

Name your favorite thing about another member of the camp.

My favorite thing about VR is her ability not to give a fuck.

Tune in next week as we tell all and share stories of Polarians from all over the world. If you would like to participate in Polarian Member Stories fill out our form here.

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