member stories: stephanie sack

This week we’re excited to introduce not only one of the most beloved members of our camp, but our former chef, DJ, and lover of horror films.

Stephanie Sack
aka voluptuousrobot

2015 – present

How’d you get your playa name?

French sex cults, UFOs, and voluptuous female robots were involved.

What do you do in the default world?

Travel marketing; edible making; freelance writing

What’s your favorite Polaris memory?

In 2018, early in the week, at about midnight, a small group of Cyberians went to the top of our art car, brought our kickin’ little speaker, and gazed out over Black Rock City as we listened from start to finish to the soundtrack from the original Blade Runner. The event horizon of the obsidian night sky, the electronic sighs of Vangelis’ synthesizers, and Burning Man’s shimmering neon lights all culminated for one of the most astonishingly beautiful nights of my life.

What piece of advice would you give to a new member of the camp?

Get involved. Polaris is made of up of accomplished, interesting, energetic people with whom you are invited to connect, collaborate, and create.

If you were a type of bread which would you be and why?

Sourdough because I am associated with San Francisco, have my own natural leavening agents, and am absolutely delicious!

What song would you say best sums you up?

Bad Reputation — Joan Jett

Name your favorite thing about another member of the camp.

My favorite thing about Pony Hunter is his sense of humor, which is precisely the same kind of dark, demented, and damning as mine!

Tune in next week as we tell all and share stories of Polarians from all over the world. If you would like to participate in Polarian Member Stories fill out our form here.

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