Cyberia 4.0 2016

It’s remarkable. We had 98 confirmed camp members this year. We were exploding at the seams. in a very good and beautiful way. We are so grateful for the kindness and warm-heartedness of our camp members towards each other. Bonds and friendships and courtships abounding.

We were placed at the most interesting and unpredictable spot – the 10 O’clock sector of the city. And it was the first time we’d ever been here – it was a huge shock and we actually lost a few camp members because of it. However, the consensus is that we love it! We think we’ll look to staying here in the future.

This year, just like last year, we offered yoga, meditation,and shibari classes. We added to this however by also offering shibari performances, belly dancing, and also serving ice coffee. All of the classes were amazing and everyone thought the ice coffee was so delicious!

We want to list our perspective of the pros and cons as we keep track of planning from year to year.


We attempted a three-person shower (foregoing our showers from last year, as they were too low to the ground to properly drain) and this was a huge plumbing failure. We have already contacted plumbers for a new shower design for 2017. And we found a Japanese shower that promises to resolve all of our plumbing woes.

Sadly, for the playa’s sake, our moop ratings weren’t great this year (after 3 years in a row of perfect moop scores we were shocked, embarrassed, sad…). And so we are committed to never letting this happen ever again by instating de-moop parties throughout the week – liquor – de-moop tools – ass slapping tag – sandwiches. The planning is taking place now. We will not have poor marks again, permitted we are granted permission to return. Takoda is contacting the placement team – and co-founders are discussing a better plan of action. We will not expand our camp to higher numbers for 2017.

Bikes were great until they were not and we’ve requested our bike supplier to equip us with a bike repair kit + bike chains for next year. They agreed. They will supply.


Our camaraderie was enriched by great camp members. Phil, a pilot, gave complimentary flights away to all those who were awake during breakfast – it was a deeply kind gesture that made for some remarkable photography from the Mingo group out of Denmark!

Speaking of, Mingo Photography gave lovely polaroid photos throughout the week for anyone – and their backdrop well suited to the theme of this year.

Our decor team planned a beautiful camp and executed the decor very well – including a hand carved signage, fabric lined fencing, fabric draped lounge. And Laleh supplied us with additional tarp and canvas as a gift to Cyberia – much appreciated.

Lee joined with Saphira in Oakland to purchase all supplies three or so weeks prior to the burn, then the two loaded said supplies into a uhaul truck and went to the Oakland storage unit to get them over to Reno. Such a huge help Lee.

A nice save by Sean when he went through all of the tools only to find out that we still didn’t have the right tools and he contacted “Alex squared” to pick them up before they arrived to the playa. HUGE THANKS!

Another amazing year. Lots learned. We will have a lot in store for next year!

-required de-moop daylight parties with additional tools for de-mooping

-cap our membership at 100

-offer a communal kitchen (complete with pots, pans, utensils, stove, all snacks,) in addition to our regular kitchen

-continue with class offerings: yoga, meditation, shibari, belly dancing

-offer ice coffee

-increase lighting for night time (LEDs)

-use our power source more efficiently (refrigeration)

-enhance shower structures

-art car (plans are underway)

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