Cyberia 2.0 2014

This year we grew from our crew of 12 to nearly 45 and for the first time the Burning Man organization has recognized us as a theme camp, and they have provided us with a plot of land to call our own.

Not everyone made it to picture day, sadly. We had great folks from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Australia, the Americas and Europe. The man took an extremely long time to burn…nearly 4 hours. People got up and just decided they didn’t want to stick around in the cold air waiting for the burn to happen. And the man was on fire for the entire time…he just didn’t want to burn. Blame it on stubbornness I suppose.

During the opening dinner Takoda read a sweet letter to all members and welcomed everyone into the camp. Jhana and Saphira introduced themselves and the weekly dinners turned into an afternoon of games where we played like school children in a memory – body challenge. Quite fun if not sober 🙂

We had quonset huts for our kitchen dining area, newly decked out hand cut bike racks, a steel 30 foot dome with a 65 foot parachute above (a bit too big). We are super excited for the future of Cyberia.

Masha (Dust Devil) Made our gift this year – a beautifully designed Bandana.

Our moop scores were amazing!

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